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Intel R2208WF0ZSR Server System UEFI BIOS/Firmware 02.01.0013.CNX03

Intel R2208WF0ZSR Server System UEFI BIOS/Firmware 02.01.0013.CNX03

Intel R2208WF0ZSR Server System UEFI BIOS/Firmware 02.01.0013.CNX03 Download Summary

  • File size: 31.00 MB
  • Platform: OS Independent
  • Downloads: 11
  • Released: May 26, 2021
  • Manufacturer URL: Intel

Intel R2208WF0ZSR Server System UEFI BIOS/Firmware 02.01.0013.CNX03

Use this Software Update Package (SUP) ONLY if the system is an Intel Data Center Block for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud or use Nutanix’s Prism Life Cycle Manager for any firmware updates.


- System BIOS - SE5C620.86B. 02.01.0013.CNX03
- ME Firmware -
- BMC Firmware - 2.48.ce3e3bd2
- FRUSDR - 2.01
- Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Firmware (DCPMM) -

FRUSDR Changes:

- CCB3059: Add 900W DC Power Supply support

BMC Firmware Changes:

CCB3158: Integrate BMC features developed by InSyde
CCB3275: Storage/Networking as SMBIOS extensions and displayed in BMC via Redfish/EWS
CCB3059: 900 W DC Power Supply
CCB3156: Add NTP and World Clock to BMC
CCB3209: Option to retain user info and IP settings after firmware factory reset
CCB2448: [BIOS+BMC]Speed Select support in S2600WF via RSD FW Extensions Spec
CCB3109: BIOS Settings should persist in BMC after BMC reset
5354047: Using a Mix of Vendors' 2666 MHz DDR4 DIMMs May Cause Correctable Errors or a System Hang
2103636075 - [S2600ST]New users created before enabling host interface cannot log on to channel 4's EWS.
2103636299 - [S2600ST]the deleted user network privilege still exist in channel 4 when delete a user via channel 3
2103636301 - [S2600ST]The new user 's network privilege is invaild in channel4 when create a new user in channel3 with same ID
2103637120 - [S2600ST]The update message is shown as "BIOS" when update ME FW via redfish
2103637174 - Embedded Web Server: There is a type error in the help document of the "Security Settings" option
2103637181 - Embedded Web Server: There is a type error in the "Miscellaneous" ---> "NM Configuration" option
2103637119 - [S2600ST]There is a warning messages when click on the BIOS Configurations page immediately after logging in to the EWS.
2103636933 - [S2600ST]The KVM delete button on the current users page in the EWS is invalid
2103636982 - [S2600ST]The "+-" button of the KVM number bar on the Current Users page in the EWS is invalid
2103636945 - [S2600ST]The information of the channel3/4 are lost in EWS when SUT have 4 NIC port in BIOS NIC Configuration
1508422943 - [SOW] The display of WebUI host interface(IPV4 page) is not beautiful enough
2103635503 - [S2600ST]The contents of the help page for the NIC/Storage information are not displayed correctly.
2103635530 - [S2600ST]The warning messages is not displayed correctly when restore BMC with checking "Keep User and LAN configuration".
2103635541 - [S2600ST]SDR version will roll back to factory shipping version "D2.48" after restore BMC with checking "Keep User and LAN configuration"
2103635552 - User can add duplicate AD group name with different network privilege via EWS.
2103635560 - The Network Privilege of the role group show "Reserved" in "Active Directory Settings" page when add a "No Access" role group in Active Directory.
2103635568 - [S2600ST]The theme display abnoramlly for the storage information page in EWS
2103635708 - [S2600ST]The drop-down menu for the role group privileges of AD in the Chinese EWS is shown in English.
2103635717 - [S2600ST]When enable NTP server and set primary NTP server, the warning message is empty or "undefined" in the chinese EWS.
2103635730 - [S2600ST]The type for web console show as "N/A" in the "system"->"Current Users" page
2103635740 - [S2600ST] the "vMedia Usable" is shown "NO" in the "System" ->"Current Users" page when mount USB device or 'ISO image' as virtual storage in the KVM session
2103635746 - [S2600ST]the "vMedia Usable" still show "Yes" in the "System" ->"Current Users" page when pull out all the HTML5 virtual medias
2103635748 - [S2600ST]The number of event entries in the "Sensor Specific Events"/"BIOS Generated Events" event category is incorrect
2103635803 - [S2600ST][Redfish]When use POST method to create the 6th subscription,the "code" and "message" info in the response are not displayed correctly.
2103635845 - [S2600ST][Redfish]When plug out the dedicated LAN cable,the "SpeedMbps" is shown "4294967295" in redfish
2103635849 - [S2600ST][Redfish]There are two links to the ethernet interface of channel3 in redfish
2103635865 - [S2600ST][Redfish]The response messages display abnormally when use post method to update BMC/BIOS/ME/debug FW via redfish
2103635922 - [S2600ST][Redfish]The BMC/BIOS/ME FW can't be downgraded in BMC v2.48b via redfish.
2103635924 - [S2600ST]It pops up a warning message when check "Enable HOST Interface".
2103635996 - Embedded Web Server: The title bar of "NIC Information" and "Storage Information" still show English when the Web browser set to Chinese language
2103636002 - Embedded Web Server: There is a typo error on the “System Information --- Storage Information” menu
2103636004 - Embedded Web Server: The help documentation of the “NIC Information” and “Storage Information” shows the “DIMM information” help documentation
2103636005 - Embedded Web Server: When mount a media to SUT, on the “Current User” option, the “vMedia Usable” option still shows “No” string.
2103636083 - [S2600ST]The HI BMC IP can't be modified when enable LAN failover and set the primary LAN channel to channel-1.
2103636295 - [S2600ST][Redfish]The behavior of user with different privilege in Redfish doesn't same with EWS.
2103636303 - [S2600ST][Redfish]The "EndTime" of simple update FW is displayed as "1970-01-01T00:00+00:00" when simple update FW via redfish.
2103636306 - [S2600ST][Redfish]The "Messages" of simple update FW is empty when simple update FW via redfish
2103636461 - Enable the complex password and set the password complexity to "Low", it still can use the "qw12!@" string to the user password
2103636476 - Embedded Web Server: The "Enforce Password History" value does not match with its help documentation
2103636525 - [STPS2600STThere is a spelling error "interfac" in warning messages when check "enable Host Interface" in Chinese EWS->configuration->IPv4 network or IPv6 network
2103636530 - [S2600ST]The "Virtual Media over HTML5" function failed when change HTTPS port to login the EWS
2103636533 - [S2600ST]debug console will pop some error messages when click "IPv4 Network"/"IPv6 Network"/"Web ISO" page in the EWS
2103636537 - [S2600ST]The primary port can't be modified when issue ipmitool command again to change the primary port.
2103636691 - [S2600ST]The example password should not allowed in the help page for high complex password
2103636724 - Embedded Web Server: It can not mount the media through the device 1, device 2, device 3 and device 4 options concurrently
2207974933 - WebISO feature saves remote system credentials in plain text
2103628332 - OFU Utility: When use Gold 6248 2.5GHz CPU, update both BIOS and BMC, it always generate the “Exit Air Temp” UNC and UC event log
2103633732 - [S2600ST]The KVM session of the shared IPv6 NIC will be closed automatically after press F10 to save the BIOS setup.
2103633363 - Embedded Web Server: Occasionally when you login the EWS with correct username and password, the browser will kick you out of the EWS immediately
2103633665 - [S2600ST]It keeps repeating update when update the ME FW via OOB under deny all mode.
1508134722 - [Redfish]It keeps repeating update when update the ME/BIOS FW via Redfish under deny all mode.
2103633628 - [S2600ST]The SUT will hang up or reboot automitacally after not connectting to the WEB ISO server.
1508103258 - BMC Debug log smbios type0 stores wrong BIOS version information

System BIOS Changes:

[Non-HSD]-[Fixed] SKX6S. Using a Mix of Vendors' 2666 MHz DDR4 DIMMs May Cause Correctable Errors or a System Hang
RP release Reference code version: CP_PURLEY_0602_D02.
[Hsd-ES]:[14012848534] PurleyPlatPkg/MeUpdate: Remove Do/While Wait Loop after ME Update
[Hsd-ES]:[22011661315] PurleyPcPkg/PlatformSetupVariableSyncLib: Leaky bucket interval not triggering when expected
[Hsd-ES]:[1508438639] Type 190 offset 05h(slot number) show incorrect value 00 with add-in NIC card installed
[Hsd-ES]:[2103635658] After trigger invalid Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration Dimm configuration error, all boot entries are bootable when press F6 to Boot Manager
[Hsd-ES]:[2103635506] There is no "Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration" option when enter BIOS setup screen
[Hsd-ES]:[1508450103] PurleyPcPkg/Platform: Message "Intel Optane PMem invalid Configuration f" will show during post screen with invalid config
[Hsd-ES]:[1508380589] PurleyPlatPkg/Library: Official Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration branding naming and usage update
[Hsd-ES]:[2103636919] the host interface will auto enabled after press F10 to save in BIOS setup
[Hsd-ES]:[2103636916] boot in BIOS setup->server management->BMC LAN Configuration will pop a warning messages when disable host interface in EWS
[Hsd-ES]:[1508380589] change the name "DCPMM" Update to "Intel Optane PMem".(Main->memory configuration; Advanced->memory Configuration->DIMM information)
[Hsd-ES]:[CCB3178] - Enable Advanced MemTest
Adavnced->memory Configuration->MemTest->Auto/Disabled/Enabled, Auto is defalut setting;
Adavnced->memory Configuration->MemTest Loops, 1 is defalut setting;
Adavnced->memory Configuration->Adv MemTest Options, 0 is defalut settings;
Adavnced->memory Configuration->Adv MemTest Reset Failure Tracking List ->Disabled/Enabled.Disabled is defalut settings;
Adavnced->memory Configuration->Adv MemTest Conditions->Disabled/Auto/Manual. Auto is default settings)
[Hsd-ES]:[CCB3158] Integrate BMC features developed by InSyde,add below settings at BIOS setting UI
(Server Management->BMC LAN Configuration->HI BMC LAN configuration
Server Management->BMC LAN Configuration->HI Host LAN configuration)
[Hsd-ES]:[1508332492] change System time default value from 2015/01/01 to 2020/01/01(main->System Data)
[Hsd-ES]:[1508383190] CpPcPlatPkg/SmiVariable: Memory overlap in VariableInterface SMI
[Hsd-ES]:[CCB3275] Enable NIC 190 and Storage(NVMe) 194 SMBIOS Table
[Hsd-ES]:[1507934020] Hide BMC and SDR version info under KCS Deny All mode
[Hsd-ES]:[1508375971] PurleyPcPkg/BuildImage.bat: (Patch 2)CAPSULE_ME.cap and CAPSULE_FD.cap are not available for IP Clean Build after IPU2020.2 Integration
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Sync the RSTE drivers and VMDVROC version to v6.3.0.1005
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate Microcode 02006a08 for 1st Generation Intel Xeon Scalable H0
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate Microcode 05003003 for 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable B1
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate SPS E5_04_01_04_423_0 to Trunk
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate Microcode 04003003 for 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable B0
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate IntelDCPersistentMemoryDriver v01.00.00.3506 to Trunk
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate SINIT 1.7.49 PW
[Hsd-ES]:[NA] PurleyPCPkg/StitchingPkg: Integrate ACM 1.7.41 PW to purley trunk
[Hsd-ES]:[2103633362] PurleySktPkg/Include: Fix Build Error Caused by HSD 2103633362 (WHEA ID # 47/23 and Correctable error show when inject uncorrectable non-fatal error via wheahct)
[Hsd-ES]:[5388637] PurleySktPkgProcMemInit: Fixed Memtest issues with NVDIMM-N restore flow
[Hsd-ES]:[5388638] PurleySktPkgProcMemInit: Added Refresh Watermarks control to Memtest step
[Hsd-ES]:[5388628, 1508197968] PurleySktPkg/MemRas: ADC first strike meet ECC +1 with 1DPC 1RX4
[Hsd-ES]:[1508244875] PurleySktPkg/ProcMemErrReporting: Continuously Inject second strike CE directly cause RankVLS(reverse), and cause cor_err_cnt beyond threshold.
[Hsd-ES]:[14012345009] PurleySktPkg/MemDecode: SUT cannot boot into OS after enable "Mirror TAD0".
[Hsd-ES]:[18012748461] [ME] Platform code should not verify HECI interface
[Hsd-ES]:[5388371] FW-UEFI-Vuln-2019-132 Unsecure write to SMRAM because of missing buffer validation
[Hsd-ES]:[5388631] PurleySktPkg/ProcMemInit: PPR flow is triggered for several failing rows within the failed Rank0
[Hsd-ES]:[5388626, 14012151686, 1508197968] [RAS]: mSystemMemoryMap->Socket[Socket].ChannelInfo is still pointing to boot time memory and used in runtime code
[Hsd-ES]:[5388607] PurleySktPkgProcMemInit: Updated Advanced Memtest vendor content
[Hsd-ES]:[5388625] CpRcPkg/AdvMemTestLib: [AdvMemTest] Rank1 shows all DQs got failures in MemTestScram retry path
[Hsd-ES]:[5388624] CpRcPkg/AdvMemTestLib: [AdvMemTest] System reboot unexpectedly upon "N1: UpdateRowFailures: New failure occured in previously masked range"
[Hsd-ES]:[5388623] IPU 2020.2 PIV_IPU_PatrolScrubDowngrade_Enable_Logging_Signaling_UCE_EMCAGen1_L - UCE error is injected by CScripts but is no logged in Serial output or OS either
[Hsd-ES]:[5388449] ProcMemInit/Chip: UCE in ADDDC due to incorrect sparing of unmapped DRAM memory.
[Hsd-ES]:[5388621] CpRcPkg/AdvMemTestLib: CpRcPkg/AdvMemTestLib: Bug Fixes for AdvMemtest
[Hsd-ES]:[5388525, 5388620, 1508101191, 1508188532, 1508129395] 1st Generation Intel Xeon Scalable[RAS] Tc3b met SMI dead lock issue after strike 3 to overflow with ADDDC enable and SDDC plus one disable.
[Hsd-ES]:[5388617] PurleySktPkg/ProcMemInit: [CMD Vref TF] Skip MA 13,14, 15, 16 for DDRT DIMMs only in 2DPC config in the late cmd clock and skip teh same in RMT
[Hsd-ES]:[5388608] PurleySktPkg/Library/ProcMemInit/Chip/Mem: 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable BIOS incorrectly logs WDB flush failed on cold reset
[Hsd-ES]:[5388604] AdvacentMemTest row failure bit 18 being reported as part of C[2:0]
[Hsd-ES]:[5388601]CpRcPkg/AdvMemTestLib: Restore refresh after MemTest
[Hsd-ES]:[5388592] CpRcPkgAdvMemTestLib: Resolved Advanced Memtest failure in TestType 16 after PPR repair and retry
[Hsd-ES]:[5388587] SDC on running CAP+ Memicals
[Hsd-ES]:[5388431] CpRcPkgAdvMemTestLib: Added Advanced Memtest support for DRAM vendor-specific algorithms
[Hsd-ES]:[5388492] [RAS] : Change the BIOS help text for Patrol Scrub knob
[Hsd-ES]:[5388583] Basetool: Fix GCC build Target failures in PreFl
[Hsd-ES]:[5388533,5388548,5388529,5388528,5388527,5388514,5388532] [RAS] SMI generation being disabled during ADDDC spare copy..
[Hsd-ES]:[5388577] ServerPlatformPkg/TPM: add platform hierarchy configuration
[Hsd-ES]:[5388552] PurleyPlatPkg/WheaErrorInj: Patrol Scrub APEI EINJ memory-uncorrectable-non-fatal (0x10) and TRIGGER=1 fails to work with serial printing disabled (ordering/delay related issues)
[Hsd-ES]:[5388573] Restore "Bank XOR" setup option to prevent memory bandwidth degradation in Linux.
[Hsd-ES]:[5388575] unsafe shutdown being logged by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration when a warm reboot is followed be a cold boot initiated by mrc error handling
[Hsd-ES]:[5388545]] ServerSiliconPkg/MemTurnaroundTimingLib: Rank Switch Fix: Equation Check for DDR-T Turnarounds
[Hsd-ES]:[5388557] [RAS] Add BIOS setup opton to enable/disable patrolscrub UC downgrade signaling to Corrected
[Hsd-ES]:[5388574] PurleyPlatPkg: Rank Switch Configuration : Set Default to RCVEN_AVE
[Hsd-ES]:[538855] [RAS] Remove the patrol scrub option added to pc package header files.
[Hsd-ES]:[5388570] PurleyPlatPkg: Rename Rank Switch setup knob
[Hsd-ES]:[5388569] Purley/PurleyRpPkg: Update PurleyR IPClean tools in release folder per BDBA analysis (Phase 3)
[Hsd-ES]:[5388566] [RAS] UCE Error detected by patrol scrub is should be logged as uncorrected error
[Hsd-ES]:[5388567] Resolve microcode revision checking issue in BIOS
[Hsd-ES]:[5388522] Patrol Scrubber needs to be turned OFF with ADR flow (CCB follow up)
[Hsd-ES]:[5388555] Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration Media error caused by illegal access issue
[Hsd-ES]:[5388554] PurleySktPkg/MemDecode: Wrong TAD programming when rank 0 is disabled.
[Hsd-ES]:[5388484] ServerCommonPkg/LogoLib: FW-UEFI-Vuln-2019-179 Use of unsafe deprecated function ConvertBmpToGopBlt
[Hsd-ES]:[5388395]CLONE from skylake_server: Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration - Define 1018 namespaces leads to reboot loop"
[Hsd-ES]:[5388486] Package/Module:FW-UEFI-Vuln-2019-183 SMM accessing memory outside of SMRAM and not validating the memory
[Hsd-ES]:[5388407] Package/Module: Update PurleyR IPClean tools in release folder
[Hsd-ES]:[14010619471,5388537] PurleyPlaPkg: add TXT event log
[Hsd-ES]:[5388546] Rank Switch Fix: Rcven Ave part2 performance issue when RMT enabled
[Hsd-ES]:[5388485] Package/Module: Out of Bounds memory writes
[Hsd-ES]:[5388544] PurleySktPkgProcMemInit: Added "Refresh Watermarks" option for Row Hammer migation
[Hsd-ES]:[5388539] Linux cannot load acpi-frequency driver when X2APIC and VT-d are enabled
[Hsd-ES]:[5388534] PurleyPlatPkg/ProcessorErrorHandler: IPU [SKXH0 602.D02] UCE Error detected by patrol scrub is logged as corrected error(Expectation: Signaling as CE while logging as UCE)
[Hsd-ES]:[5388489]PurleyPlatPkg/Me: ME BIOS: Unable to Retrieve Hardware Information
[Hsd-ES]:[5388440] bios changes required for purley/purleyr to enhance p2p perf
[Hsd-ES]:[5388520] PurleySktPkg/Dxe/CrystalRidge: Fixing potential security issue with
[Hsd-ES]:[5388492] [RAS] : Revise BIOS knob PatrolScrub: Enable. Disable, Enable at End Of POST
[Hsd-ES]:[5388535] CpRcPkgBaseMemoryCoreLib: Added MRC improvements to the "Rank Switch Fix"
[Hsd-ES]:[5388525] [RAS]:DXE Assert when per-rank CECC counters artificially set to threshold
[Hsd-ES]:[5388531] PurleyPlatPkg/OemProcMemInitLib: Missing NFIT type 6 (Flush Hint Address) table for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Configuration DIMM
[Hsd-ES]:[5388515] CpRcPkgBaseMemoryCoreLib: Added MRC options for "Rank Switch Fix"
[Hsd-ES]:[5388513] PurleySktPkg/ProcMemErrReporting: For the UCE PPR log, fix the code for incorrect Rank when the Dimm is on slot1
[Hsd-ES]:[5388501] CpRcPkgAdvMemTestLib: Fixed false failures and hang conditions in Advanced Memtest
[Hsd-ES]:[5388473] kernel panic observed when executing DCU test with eMCA Gen2 enabled
[Hsd-ES]:[2103633735] PurleyPcPkg/Ipmi/GenericIpmi: In BMC force update mode,the KCS mode of the BIOS setup still show allow all mode in the restricted/deny all mode
[Hsd-ES]:[22011363805] CpPcRestrictedPkgInclude: ADDDC threshold, when set to 500d (1F4h), is triggering after 244d (F4h)
[Hsd-ES]:[1508195797] PurleyPcPkg/SmbiosDataUpdateDxe: Type 190 NIC Firmware version is incorrect
[Hsd-ES]:[CCB3141] Some BIOS settings, when modified by ITK, don't take effect until the user manually intervenes
[Hsd-ES]:[1508203382] PurleyPcPkg/Uba/UbaMain: SMBIOS type 41 video device bus number is incorrect
[Hsd-ES]:[2103633770] CpPcRestrictedPkg/SetupBmcCfg: Pop up warning message when user password cannnot meet complex requirements
[Hsd-ES]:[2103633158] PurleyPcPkg/Uba: STP PCIE Retimer NVME SSD can NOT be detected correctly after AC off/on cycle
[Hsd-ES]:[2103634038] PurleyPlatPkg/XmlCliRestricted/XmlCliCommon: BIOS Setup-->Main page has setting “POST errors Pause” but EWS BIOS Configurations Main page do not have it
[Hsd-ES]:[2103633809] CpPcRestrictedPkg/Library/CommonSetupLib/: "<"and">"symbol display as"?"in EWS->BIOS Configurations->Integrated IO Configuration.
[Hsd-ES]:[CCB3157] Memory SMBIOS record Asset Tag to show memory manufacturer date from SPD
[Hsd-ES]:[1508192389] PurleyPcPkg/Uba/UbaMain: SMBIOS type 8 internal reference designator string of RAID KEY mismatch with the motherboard
[Hsd-ES]:[1508192256] PurleyPcPkg/Uba/UbaMain: SMBIOS type 8 internal reference designator string of M2 PCIE sSATA ports mismatch with the motherboard
[Hsd-ES]:[2103626923] PurleyPcPkg/Uba: Fix SMBIOS type9 “Current Usage” information is incorrect when only one CPU connect.


1. Unzip the contents of the update package and copy all files to the root directory of a removable media (USB flash drive)
2. Insert the USB flash drive to any available USB port on the system to be updated
3. Power on the server and load the uEFI shell
4. Begin the update process running the Startup.nsh
5. Reboot the system after the update process has successfully completed

Web GUI update

1. Unzip the package onto your system
2. Log into the BMC web GUI
3. Navigate to Configuration, then Firmware Update
4. Click browse, and direct the browser to the location of Purley_xxxxxxxxxx.bin
5. Click upload. Progress and status will be shown as the update progresses

UEFI update

1. Unzip package and load onto a flash drive
2. Boot to UEFI shell, and navigate to the folder where this package lives
3. Run fwUpdateBMC.nsh and follow the prompts

Verifying Updates:

01. After the final update has completed successfully, reboot the system
02. During POST, hit the Key when prompted to access the BIOS Setup Utility
03. From the BIOS Setup Utility main menu, hit the key to load BIOS defaults
04. Hit the key to Save Changes and Exit the BIOS defaults
04. At the main menu verify the BIOS revision is correct
05. Move cursor to the SERVER MANAGEMENT menu and hit Enter
06. Move cursor to the SYSTEM INFORMATION Option and hit Enter
07. Verify the BMC Firmware revision is correct
08. Verify the SDR revision is correct
09. Verify the ME Firmware revision is correct
10. Configure desired BIOS Option settings
11. Hit the F10 Key to Save Changes and Exit

About Firmware Updates:

Applying a newer firmware version than the one already installed on your unit can bring various enhancements, include workarounds for diverse problems encountered by the device, and improve or add newly developed features.

On the other hand, downgrading the firmware version can recover the device's functionality in the event of a software update either turning up faulty or causing the unit's overall performance to drop. However, bear in mind that applying an older firmware isn't recommended and might not always be possible.

When it comes to the update steps, due to the large variety of devices and numerous ways for installing a new firmware, it is recommended that you carefully read and understand the upgrade steps, and consider applying a different firmware only when you have familiarized yourself with the update method.

As the installation process is most of the times quite risky, this step should be taken by users that have the ability to successfully complete the update; regular users may initiate it at their own risk. Moreover, it's best that this task be performed in a steady power environment such as the one ensured by a UPS unit.

Therefore, if you consider applying this release, hit the download button, take into account all the aforementioned aspects, and update the device's firmware. Also make sure you constantly check with our website to ensure that you don't miss a single new release.

  It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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